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If you are a lawyer or a law firm, then the Law Firm CRM is your perfect choice for lead nurturing, collecting information, generating contracts, managing matters, logging time, and generating invoices. Built on the award-winning Zoho CRM, the CRM for Law Firm is tailored to map the unique requirements of your business.

If you are looking for a CRM system that is super easy to use, offers a wide array of functionalities, and comes with robust customization capabilities, then Law Firm CRM is the right choice for you!

The GoldenLion team has surpassed my expectations. Sometimes I think they are magicians, the way they can fully grasp and understand our requirements. They have been responsive, enthusiastic, and extremely professional. They have both listened to what we have said we wanted, while also teaching us about aspects of the software we didn’t know that we didn’t know.
Penn Dodson
Attorney, Firm Owner, Anderson Dodson P.C.

Manage Every Aspect of Your Law Firm

Super Easy

Lead Management

Effective lead management is at the heart of any business. It’s not much different for a Law firm. With the Law Firm CRM in place, you can now capture, nurture, manage and convert leads like never before.

Capture Leads from Multiple Channels

With the CRM for Law Firm, you can capture leads from website, social media, and emails in one place. The Law Firm CRM lets you categorize leads by different practice areas and capture their requirements.

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Qualify and Nurture Leads to Close Faster

Centralize your qualifying and nurturing process with all your activities and emails in one place. After the initial qualification, you can convert the Leads into Prospect Contacts (and in the case of Corporate Leads into Prospect Contact and Company).

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Matter Management

Matter Management is the most crucial process for any Law Firm. The Law Firm CRM is tailored to help you create, manage and centralize every aspect of Matters effectively and effortlessly.

Capture Matter Details Effortlessly

Once you’ve converted a lead into a Contact, you can send them the Matter Details form right from the CRM itself. Once your prospects fill out the details and submit the form, it creates the Matter automatically against the Contact.

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Manage Your Matters Effectively

Once the Matter is created, you can assign multiple attorneys to it, capture related contacts, set expenses budget. You can also keep all relevant documents in the Attachments and manage all activities via the Activities module.

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Contract Generation

Generating Contracts and getting them signed by your Clients is super-critical for your Law Firm. The CRM for Law Firm lets you generate Contracts right from the CRM and send them for signature with one-click!

Generate Contracts with One Click

Depending on the billing preference, you can create Contract Templates for Flat Fees, Hourly Billing, and Contingency Matters. Once you’ve qualified the Matter and decide to take it on, you can generate the Contract by pulling data from the record level.

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Send Contracts for E-Signature

Once the Contract is generated, you can send the same to your Clients for e-signature via Zoho Sign. Once your Clients sign the Contract, that can be tracked into the CRM directly and you can get started with the work.

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Super Easy

Invoice Generation

Invoice generation is a tedious task for every Law Firm, especially for Hourly Billing Matters. The Law Firm CRM makes this job easy by generating Invoices in just one click, right from the CRM itself.

Log Hours for All Your Matters

Once you get started with the Matter, Attorneys can log the time spent in the Matters Module. You can update the Date, Time Spent, Tasks and add a description of the Tasks. This information can get carried forward in the invoice that you generate.

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Set Hourly Rates for Attorneys

In the Attorney’s module, you can set the hourly rate for each of your Attorneys and Legal Aids. Once the Attorneys log the time spent for any Matter, the system calculates the total billable amount based on the pre-defined hourly rate and generate the invoice.

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Reports and Dashboards

Law Firm CRM lets you keep a track of your business with useful reports and dashboards. Be it conversion rates, monthly billing, or expenses reports, the CRM for Law Firm makes it super easy to get actionable intel in the form of comprehensive reports and dashboards!

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One Time Implementation Fee: ₹1,80,000 Plus tax as applicable $2997
  • Law Firm CRM
  • Up to 20 hours of onboarding service.
  • Additional services @ ₹1920/hour
  • Up to 20 hours of onboarding service.
  • Additional services @ $32/hour
Zoho Subscription Fee
  • Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition:
    ₹2400/User/Month $40/User/Month
    ₹3000/User/Month $50/User/Month
  • OR
  • Zoho One:
    ₹3500/User/Month $90/User/Month
    ₹4000/User/Month $105/User/Month
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